Dyno Tuning

Written by Global Comtek
Friday, 23 September 2011 15:48
Introducing a radically different approach to chassis dynamometer testing.... The Dynapack! - the only unique and technically sophisticated dyno available today in a market that is crowded with cookie-cutter designs. PSI Racings Dynapack evolution 2000 & 4000 dynamometer is the most advanced technology on the market in addition with wide band oxygen sensor and data logging, supporting all variations of FWD, RWD and AWD vehicles with the highest level of precision and repeatability in the industry. The Dynapack's low inertia design has the ability to place an rpm by rpm “load” on the engine in order to adjust the correct air/fuel ratio and timing resulting in a perfect tune. PSI Racing ensures taking your vehicle to it's full potential on a professional level.

We have SOLVED the problem of tire slippage and the inconsistencies of the tire to roller interface - while our competitors try to pretend that these problems don’t exist. If you’ve operated a roller dyno, you know better. A dyno that truly performs and exceeds customer expectations. Why settle for a “standard” dyno when you can have so much more... PSI Racing is proud to own one of the most cost effective AWD dynamometer 2000/4000 series in the New England.


Apexi AFC-neo, Greddy E-mange ultimate, MAP ECU
  • Hondata S100/S300 
  • Hondata Kpro/Flash pro 
  • Crome 
  • Nistune 
  • DSM Link 
  • UpRev 

  • AEM Series 2 
  • Haltech 
  • Motec 

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